Volunteers program

It is not just a conservation program, but a life experience
in the spirit of making a better world for the future generations.

Create Artificial Reef:

Be part of our local team by creating an artificial reef on land, placing it in underwater, then transplanting coral cuttings to the new reef.
Given time, this artificial reef will become a sanctuary for marine life and help to provide sustainable resources for the local community.

Propagate corals from cuttings at damaged dive sites:

Unfortunately, due to human activity, reefs around the world are under threat from climate change, sedimentation, pollution, overfishing and tourism.
Our conservation project is based on practical work by regenerating damaged coral reefs and stimulating marine life.


Collect data and surveys for the scientific community:

We are currently researching new ways to propagate corals from cuttings and ways of stimulating marine bio-diversity. We do  surveys in the different spots where we have been working.


Teaching program:

At our local development program you will be assisting local teachers or leading your own English language class. Nosy Be is an attractive tourist destination and foreign language skills are of great value to the local community. This provides work opportunities in the tourism industry.